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The 5 Acre Project

The 5 Acre Project is TLC’s adolescent program- running across two days every week over a full school term.
5 Acres has a carefully developed framework designed to address the impacts of developmental trauma, ill mental health and the myriad of barriers that young people can face causing disengagement from education, healthy connections, wellbeing and belonging. This program is designed to build strong relationships with each young person in a non-threatening and safe environment providing the opportunity to develop and strengthen a range of transferable skills and knowledge through the hands-on programming addressing barriers both personal and academic to ensure equity and access can be achieved in re-engagement back into learning.

Each young person is individually case managed to ensure valuable interventions, referrals or supports are put in place, advocacy for all young people is provided and successful pathways are developed to support best outcomes into education, training, employment, health and wellbeing and community connection.

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Life Links

Life Links is a specialised program for children 8-13 who are impacted by a range of personal barriers including developmental trauma, poor mental health and adverse behaviour presentations that have led them to experience poor social connections, disengagement in education and personal adversity.

Life Links works through therapeutic, trauma-informed frameworks to support healthy and positive social connection, build individual personal capacities, improve the physical and mental health impacts of disability and childhood trauma, strengthen nervous systems and regulatory capacities and build the story of success and belonging for all children.

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After school programs

Trek Learning Centre offers a range of after school programs- get in touch to find out what is on offer this term.

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Trek learning Centre conducts outreach programs for young people who are currently not linked with education or employment, who are at-risk and face a range of barriers or personal complexities such as substance abuse, homelessness, youth justice involvement, poor mental health.


Trek Learning Centre partners with the NDIS to support vulnerable children and young people in specialised programs, behavioural support specialisation and assessment.

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Professional training and development

Trek Learning Centre offers on-site Professional Development each semester in an immersive two day program of therapeutic approaches and interventions. This PD is available to anyone working with vulnerable children or adolescents who have complex barriers and who would like to personally experience a wide range of therapeutic trauma responses and understand how they support healing and neurobiological change.