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Our Philosophy

Trek Learning Centre’s mission is to provide equity and access to children and young people through our unique environments that ignite and inspire. We advocate for those most vulnerable knowing that the starting line is not the same for all and disadvantage comes in many forms.

Our philosophy and work is underpinned by attachment, polyvagal, sensory modulation, DMM and dyadic development psychotherapy theories and interventions that work to create:

  • A felt sense of safety
  • Relational connection
  • Unconditional positive regard
  • Strong mental health and wellbeing
  • Neurobiological change and healing offering the reduction or elimination of :
    • persistent threat detection
    • duress hormonal production
    • disrupted circadian rhythms
    • impacted memory
    • dyspraxia
    • emotional dysregulation
    • attachment disorders
    • ill-mental health

The tenants of “Empowerment, Growth, Change” sit at the forefront of all we do and are the guiding principles in reducing barriers and preparing young people to successfully achieve their goals.

We provide children and young people with unbreakable, unconditional positive regard building safety and trust in all we do, access to genuinely wondrous spaces that inspire play, build curiosity, offer opportunity, deliver successful experiences and provide an alternative to the shame based stories and deeply held beliefs that those most vulnerable hold of themselves.

Our carefully developed therapeutic programs and case management systems ensure children and young people can heal, access their strengths, develop aspects of themselves that may be underdeveloped, build skills and knowledge to support health and wellbeing, experience success in relational connections, education and future pathways.

Most importantly, our philosophy is to ensure each child and young person we have the privilege to work alongside knows they are valuable, understands their gifts and strengths, has the capacity to scaffold up to achieve their next steps and has a future that offers a level of equity allowing for fairer access to the world.