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The 5 Acre Project has a carefully developed framework designed to address the impacts of developmental trauma, ill mental health and the myriad of barriers that can face young people causing disengagement from education, healthy connections, wellbeing and belonging. The 5 Acre Project offers a place of belonging where young people can work, learn and succeed in a non-judgmental, therapeutic farm environment. 5 Acres allows young people to grow beautiful and nourishing food and plants, cook food each day, develop barista and food handling skills, experience safe risk taking opportunities through wood chopping, fire lighting, carving, animal training as well as engaging in 100%  hands on projects such as bush furniture, blacksmithing, pottery, large building projects and therapeutic animal care with all our furred and feathered friends.

The therapeutic framework in which The 5 Acre Project operates aims to calm heightened nervous systems, reduce high cortisol levels, develop secure and safe spaces and relationships whilst ensuring success is experienced.

Through our work with animals both small and large we support and strengthen healthy attachment and community connection leading to the building of trust and establishing the capacity of building healthy future relationships.

The 5 Acre Project allows young people to be immersed in a range of skills in a safe, holistic space offering the opportunity to engage in a wide and diverse range of projects that build capacity & knowledge whilst experiencing a sense of belonging, success and pride for young people in themselves and who they are.
​The following principles are embedded into The 5 Acre Project.

The Essentials:

Providing opportunities to build on, address and close any existing gaps of learning young people may have when they join the 5 Acre Project that then allows them to return to or move into secondary education or accredited training with a strong foundation for success.

This work is unseen by the young people attending The 5 Acre Project but it is carefully, thoughtfully and intentionally woven into every aspect of the day. Young people are learning through practical teaching, working alongside a professional in the field to develop and remember the basic building blocks of foundation literacy and numeracy required in order to have genuine choice and success in future pathways. Young people are provided with many different ways to access their existing knowledge, advance on what they currently know and apply the knowledge in a range of applications that ensures deep understanding, developing confidence for success in further study or employment. This is not accredited education but based on pre-accredited educational outcomes and can be significantly tailored for individuals.

Good Health:

Introducing or building young people’s knowledge of a range of harm minimisation tools & therapeutic approaches to anger, rage, depression, anxiety, despair, triggers, unhelpful thinking, entrenched negative beliefs, substance use, hopelessness, fear, self sabotage & any patterns of behaviour they want to change.

This is not one size fits all approach, we address well-being and strategies for change and coping with a difficult life from a wide lens. Young people will walk, breathe, garden, build, talk, reflect, take ownership, practice skills,  learn and understand the effects of trauma, participate in workshops, journey and develop strategies that will bring awareness, offer opportunities for change and support informed choices for their future. (the impact of their own personal barriers)

Skill Building:

Skill Building is essential knowledge and skills which allow young people to try new things and build a picture of achievement and capability. The purpose is to intentionally open the world up to young people who may not yet know what they want to do, what they may want to learn or even how they prefer to learn.

We are committed to providing a broad range of skills that increase opportunities and also allow young people to try their hand at a a range of professions such as hospitality/barista/cafe, food growing and cooking, nurseyship, carpentry, landscaping, farming and organic growing, animal care, woodwork, blacksmithing, design and more. We also continue to instil and foster a growth mindset that builds personal belief- an essential ingredient to success!!