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Our Team


Meg Yates is the Founder and CEO of Trek Learning Centre, a professional counsellor, EMDR therapist, secondary school educator, behaviour and trauma recovery specialist and mental health practitioner. Meg has dedicated the past 15 years to developing education pathways for disengaged learners facing significant personal and structural barriers, has been awarded and designed several pilot programs for incarcerated youth, established multiple young mums’ education programs, developed a range of intervention and recovery-based programs for young people experiencing significant self-harm and high risk behaviours. Meg is committed to equity and access for all and leveling the playing field for those who have experienced significant harm as children and young people.

Gabriella Stanszus is a psychology honours graduate, therapeutic trauma recovery specialist, youth pathway developer and programs coordinator. Gabi is committed to understanding and bettering the lives of children and young people facing significant barriers working through a youth focused, advocacy lens ensuring best outcomes for the individual through therapeutic intervention, appropriate referral, effective care team management and clinical frameworks.

Bailey Calderwood is a passionate and skilled social and mental health worker working with young people facing significant barriers supporting personal growth, social inclusion and self-efficacy. Bailey brings his love of health and fitness into his work positively impacting young people who have often been excluded from or unable to see themselves in these spaces. Bailey works with a person centred, advocacy and strengths-based approach in his on-ground and case management work.

Tracy Hambly is a horticulturalist who has pursued further training in ecopsychology, meditation/mindfulness wellbeing and art therapy. Tracy offers significant skill, experience and capability for children and young people exploring self, finding inner peace and wellbeing and having a sense of place in relation to the environment through her extensive work practices.

Simon Richard is a playscape designer and builder creating natural play spaces for children and young people across Melbourne for over 35 years. Simon is a skilled facilitator in healthy masculinity programs, bush crafting and survival camps.