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Our Team


Meg Yates is the Founder and CEO of Trek Learning Centre, a professional counsellor, secondary educator, behaviour and trauma recovery specialist and mental health practitioner. Meg has dedicated the past 15 years to developing education pathways for disengaged learners facing significant personal and structural barriers, has been awarded and designed several pilot programs for incarcerated youth, established multiple young mums education programs, developed a range of intervention and recovery based programs for young people experiencing significant self-harm behaviours and designed Trek Learning Centre- a therapeutic recovery based farm for children and young people with a range of barriers impacting physical and mental health and wellbeing, success in education, training or employment and the opportunity for strong community belonging. Meg is committed to equity and access for all and leveling the playing field for those who have experienced significant harm as children and young people.

Gabriella Stanszus is a psychology honours graduate, therapeutic trauma recovery specialist, youth pathway developer and programs coordinator. Gabi is committed to understanding and bettering the lives of children and young people facing significant barriers working through a youth focused, advocacy lens ensuring best outcomes for the individual through therapeutic intervention, appropriate referral, effective care team management and clinical frameworks.

Michelle Mock is an early learning educator, permaculturalist and developing blacksmith working to support the health and wellbeing of children and young people experiencing the impacts of developmental trauma, ill-mental health and disengagement.

Jordan Sibley is a committed community developer ensuring the connection, intervention, engagement, health and wellbeing of vulnerable young people is centred through her youth work, artistic coaching and grant writing.

Eliza Phillips is an artist, play and art therapist, counsellor and educator working to bring healing through art and play within the landscape of therapeutic farming, animal therapy, building and creative endeavours at Trek


Board of Directors

Kathryn Lord – Chair

Shelly Wettenhall – Treasurer

Simon Yates – Secretary

Cat Smith – Director

Meg Yates – Director



Polly Ashburner – Youth program support

Stuart Ashburner – Youth program support

Nicole Culhane – Youth program support

Tilly Anderson – Youth program support

Greg Adshead – Food rescue

Simon Yates – Youth program support, specialist programming, work experience, infrastructure investor

Shen-Tai Yates – First aid training

Calvin Connell – Site maintenance