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Therapeutic Life Story Work (TLSW) developed by Dr Richard Rose is an evidence based 6-9 month intervention for children and young people who have experienced the trauma of childhood abuse, neglect, loss and harm, where the pain and ghosts of the past impact the present, often leaving children with disjointed and shameful understandings of how and why things have happened to them.

TLSW is a creative, narrative and play based intervention that provides context, timelines and deep understanding for each person’s story. TLSW can be delivered with children as young as five, through adolescence into early adulthood. It can be adapted to meet the individual needs of most abilities and is delivered in a holistic and age-appropriate manner.

TLSW is delivered by a certified TLSW practitioner who has significant additional training, experience and qualifications in counselling, therapeutic modalities, trauma and ill-mental health recovery. The practitioner works directly with the child and the carer/parent on a fortnightly basis to hear and bring to life the child/young person’s understanding of their own story before bringing the story of others to the child/young person with permissions from all involved.

TLSW is careful, intentional and important work whereby healing can be bought not only to the individual who has suffered, but across complex relationships where stories can be held and understood with compassion and sometimes forgiveness.