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Welcome to Trek Learning Centre

Trek Learning Centre is a not-for-profit organisation working to provide equity and access to vulnerable children and young people who experience significant barriers to education, training, employment, community connection, health and wellbeing.

Trek Learning Centre offers children and young people opportunities of “Empowerment, Growth, Change” through our specially prepared therapeutic programs that operate within a complex trauma, barrier recovery and healing framework.

Our work centres around addressing the neurobiological and nervous system impacts of trauma and ill-mental health for children and young people through hands-on interventions in a therapeutic farm environment. We look to build a strong and capable neural foundation where true integrated function can occur allowing children and young people to learn successfully, manage complex emotions and understand their own responses and self-survival patterns.

Trek Learning Centre welcomes all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

We aim to provide a culturally safe place to learn, work and grow, listening to and collaborating with community to meet the needs of Indigenous people in an inclusive framework. Our passion is to improve lives and communities as we heal, improve, and grow our own.

Our Story

Trek Learning Centre was innovated from witnessing the inequality and lack of genuine access and success for vulnerable and at-risk young people in education, health, wellbeing, employment and healthy relationships.
We are born from the frustration of developing specialised programs to provide successful opportunities and them rarely eventuating.
We are inspired from the learnings and understandings of developmental trauma and the realisation that foundations have to be laid, healing must occur in order for genuine opportunity and success to be achieved for those who have complex childhood impacts and barriers.