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Our Partners

Monbulk and District Community Bank – We cannot thank the Community Bank Monbulk and District enough for their ongoing sponsorship support for extremely vulnerable children and young people. Providing scholarship funding for those without the means to access therapeutic, trauma recovery services is actively life changing and community building, this funding allows us to develop a strong response around those who lack the means to have had vital assessments, who no longer attend school and who are experiencing compounding impacts from childhood neglect and harm. The funding provided by the Monbulk and District Community Bank is often the first drop that begins the ripples of support, traveling far and building in strength to create whole care teams that work to advocate for, support and intervene in the lives of children who would otherwise be unseen or lost to a system that is imperfect- We thank you

Woolworths – Monbulk and Belgrave stores. Our partnership with Woolworths allows us to rescue out of date, spoiled or damaged food. This food is used to provide feed for Trek’s animals or is turned into compost. We rescue 2 tonnes of food from landfill per month, preventing 55.2 tonne of CO2 to be released into the atmosphere per year. We recycle 12,000 litres of plastic materials per year further reducing landfill impacts.