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Pathways to Healthy Manhood:

Male adolescence is a formative period of change and development- an exciting moment that can be full of potential but can also be a period of great vulnerability.

Pathways to Healthy Manhood (PTHM) is a term-long program supporting boys through the portal of childhood into healthy young adulthood. PTHM is a unique experience that allows boys to explore and understand themselves, to delve into deep aspects of relationships, stereotypes, vulnerabilities, social pressures, sex and sexuality, values and dreams whilst supported by their significant adult male and a community of men.

PTHM builds a sense of belonging and resilience across eight weekly sessions and offers a significant contemporary rite of passage over a three-day camp whereby the boys will transition to and be acknowledged as healthy young men by their peers and community of men.

Trek Learning Centre’s PTHM provides deep healing and connection for boys and their fathers or significant male in a time when boys are searching for leadership, belonging, meaning and their own edges.

Research shows that it is crucial boys are met in this moment of transition and are consciously bought through it with wisdom, love and experience. That without positive male guidance, boys will seek out their peers to understand their confusion, they will mask pain and insecurity and succumb to negative influences, they will seek freedom without taking responsibility and miss their true rite of passage into healthy adulthood.

Pathways to Healthy Womynhood:

(women= wymyn; woman= womyn)

Adolescence can be both a wonderous and confronting time for girls as suddenly new freedoms are experienced alongside pressures that often revolve around external concepts of beauty, personal value and power.

Pathways to Healthy Womynhood (PTHW) is a term-long program with eight weekly sessions culminating in a three-day rites of passage camp whereby girls are witnessed through the portal of childhood and into healthy young adulthood with a sense of their strength, resilience and personal power with a lasting community of healthy belonging.

PTHW provides girls with the opportunity to explore health, mental health and wellbeing as well as healthy relationships with self and other, leadership, future dreams, social pressures and stereotyping, sex and sexuality and to challenge external forces that apply gendered pressures.

Trek Learning Centre’s PTHW offers a deep reconnection for girls and their mothers or significant females, one built on mutual trust and understanding, moving the relationship forward to one of adult and young adult.

Research shows it is imperative that girls and wymyn find each other, and themselves, as allies, supports, and trustworthy people, that strong friendships and connections that are safe, honest, robust and true are cornerstones to health and wellbeing and that having female champions to turn to is a valuable safeguard to the pressures and realities of gender-based discrimination.

PTHW builds a community of belonging and an ability to love and value oneself for each participant as they traverse the rite of passage from childhood and step forward into healthy young adulthood.